If you didn’t know, OneNote went 100% free! Microsoft offered everything they had for OneNote, including Premium features for free.

OneNote is a good alternative for Evernote, and now OneNote offers everything for free. Also it is available for Mac.

Now let me take you through OneNote, let me show you the 7 Most Interesting OneNote Features you will love to work with.

1. Quick Notes

OneNote is the best for quick note, just pick a notebook, a section and create a page. There you can easy leave your note. You don’t need to save it as OneNote does it for you automatically.

OneNote notes

Also you can launch a new Quick Note even when OneNote is closed. Just make sure you have OneNote installed and use the Windows + N keyboard shortcut. To launch more notes use Windows + Alt + N keyboard shortcut.

2. Page Templates

Another great OneNote feature are the Page Templates. You can use any page template you like, it will help you to organize your notes in a proper way, either text-based, image-based or checklist based.

OneNote Page Template

You can easy set up a Page Template that you can invoke when creating new notes. It will save you time.

3. Custom Tags

You can easy organize your notes, what you have to do is to add tags.

OneNote Tags

Everyone knows what are tags and what are used for. For example you have some notes about work, some about travel. Depending on the note you can set tags, and then search by tags to see all the notes with these tags.

OneNote comes with some default tags, but sure you can create as many custom tags as you need.

4. Internal Links

With OneNote you have the ability to create Internal Links, or clickable links that take you to other notebooks, sections, and pages.

To create a link, just right-click on any tab — whether notebook, section, or page — and select the Copy Link option. Now all you have to do is paste it somewhere.

5. Quick Access Toolbar

In OneNote you can add the Quick Access Toolbar, with it you can fast tag the notes, insert meeting details, change fonts and formats.

OneNote Options

You can customize your Quick Access Toolbar from OneNote Options -> Quick Access Toolbar.

6. Docked Note-Taking

Docked Note-Taking feature lets you dock OneNote to the side of the screen and will not allow other windows to overlap it.

OneNote Docked View

It is very useful, because while reading something or watching some video, you can have notes under control and add notes, remove, modify.

You can use the Ctrl + Alt + D keyboard shortcut to toggle the dock.

7. Version History

With OneNote you are able to view any note’s entire Version History. Everytime you make changes you don’t need to worry if you deleted something. With Version History you can see all past modifications.

Under the History tab in the Ribbon, you can use the Recent Edits menu to select a certain time period and see all of the changes made during that time. Note that this option keeps history for 6 months only.

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Which OneNote Feature You Like The Best?

Did you know about these features? What features you use most and which one is the best for you? Share in the comments bellow!

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