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Do you want to know what Google knows about you? Earlier we told you how to delete the personal data that Google collects from you.

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Here are 6 links which will tell you some information that Google collects about you.

1. Your Profile in Google

Google creates your profile with basic information about you, like age, gender, interests. This data is used by Google to send you Ads. You can see this information here:

2. Your Location History

If you have any Android device, it can send your coordinates and speed to Google. You can see all your location data on Google and you can even save it to a file.

3. Your Search History

Google can save your search history. More than that, Google is saving updates about your search history and the links you clicked on:

4. List of Devices that Got Access to Your Account

If you want to know if someone else used your account you can see the list of devices that got access to your account, as well as their IP addresses and location:

5. List of All Apps that Have Access to Your Account

Google can show you the list of all apps that have any kind of permission to your device. You can see what kind of permission they have and to what. You can also remove permission that you don’t like.

6. Google Takeout to Export All Your Data

You can easy export all your data from Google, like bookmarks, mailbox, contacts, calendar and Google Drive, as well as YouTube videos and all your photos. For this check the link bellow.

To protect your privacy you should not register anywhere, not to use any mailbox, Facebook or anything else. If you register somewhere, automatically you give information and the service you registered too start to find more info about you which can be sold to someone else, or used to send you offers and ads.

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