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The iPhone remains a strong and most adored Smartphone worldwide. It comes with unique features and what you may not know is that it has some apps to control you Mac or PC remotely.  There is no reason as to why you should not enjoy using the apps.

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This is an app in the iPhone made to help you control you Mac.  It comes with key sets that enable you to take particular actions on your computer. The app has a simple interface with a number of keys in the in-built Keymote store. They are shortcuts that ease the process of controlling the Mac computer using your iPhone.

Remote HD

This app enables you to control the Apple TV, Mac computer and other types of computers using your iPhone.  It is fully functional and not just an app for remote controlling.  It is also Virtual network Computing application. It enables you see your computer’s desktop and you can use when far from home. This is made possible by its ability to connect using 3G or GPRS.

Remote Tap 5

This app has VNC feature, which makes it possible to control your computer’s desktop and even show different displays. It has a great magnifying glass that allows your 4x zoom. It launches fast and hides in the same once you click on your phone.

Mobile Mouse Pro

With this iPhone app, you control your Mac or PC using a track pad together with the air mouse anywhere in your room. It is used worldwide and controls Linux, window and Mac comps. It works with WiFi without interfering your computer’s accessibility.

Wi-Fi Remote

This app enables you to control your PC or Mac computer with the help of your mobile phone. It looks for the IP address of your computer and use WiFi internet to control the computers.  It comes with text pad, keyboard, launch pad, mouse and configurable keys that define your shortcuts for common features.



This is one of the highest selling iPhone apps and it enables you control your computer using WiFi or 3G connection.  It makes it possible for you to manage desktop applications directly using your iPhone.

Screens VNC

This app is optimized for the iPhone and makes it possible to control a PC or Mac by synchronizing apps on your desktop on iCloud. You computers can be connected safely with SSH Tunnel and encrypt your internet connection.


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