Microsoft Office For Free

If there’s one factor that makes Windows OS superior to other OS’s, then it is Microsoft Office. Make no mistake: Microsoft Office will continue to remain the standard upon which other office applications are bench-marked now, and in years to come. This is because of the way in which MS Office application is developed that gives them a nice GUI as opposed to their competitors such as LibreOffice which is free.

The downside of this app is that it’s commercial. For instance, the price of MS Office 2013 is $183.79. This figure is way too expensive for the majority of users. If you just want to use this app for personal use, where you’re not bothered about the extra features of Office, you don’t have to spend your money buying the app.
You can use Microsoft Office for free. Here are 5 ways to use MS Office for free:

5 Ways Using Microsoft Office for Free:

1. Using Online Office

Online Office is a collection of MS Office suite apps such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power point that are browser-based. If you’re online, you can simply use these apps without paying any cent. It’s important to note that these apps have limited functionalities. For instance, MS Word Online does not support text boxes, the Word-Art feature, the equations and charts and more.

2. Using Office Mobile

This app was initially developed for Windows Mobile phone. It has been extended to Android smartphone and iPhones. You can download this app from Google Play if you are using an android smartphone or Appstore if you’re using an iPhone or iPad. This app will help you accomplish some of the basic tasks in word processing, spreadsheets and presentation information.

3. Office 365 / Office 2013 Trial

If you have not made up your mind about buying Office 365 or Office 2013, you can still use these apps in trial mode. In such a case, you’ll be required to sign up for a 30 day trial. The trial versions of these apps include most of the features that you need in any Office app.

4. Buy the PC that’s Bundled with MS Office

Even though Microsoft does not bundle MS Office with desktop computers, there are some OS’s that are bundled with this app. For instance, Windows 8.1 tablets come with this app already installed, where you use it for free.

5. Free Office 365 Education Copy for Students and Faculty Staff

If you are a student, faculty staff, your academic institution can license you a genuine version of Office 365 Education copy of MS Office. In this case a genuine copy of MS Office can be installed on up to 5 devices. In addition, you’ll also have access to 1TB of One Drive storage.

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