Cicret Bracelet

Every day we get to know different innovations that simply shows the immense change and development in the technology world. Your mind is blown and you cannot help wondering how this is possible. We cannot stand in front of innovation. Everyday something new is invented, and as the time passes the top inventions are to be confirmed.

Bellow we will enumerate you, five of the best tech innovations that will remain in history as some of the greatest of all time.


Cubic personal assistant

Cubic is a digital home assistant that takes care of all your digital devices in the house, collects data from all the digital devices and plans for you your day in a perfect way. It can tell you what to wear and which mode of transport to use to say the least. It has patented multi topic conversation support system, long distance voice recognition and also has a mobile connectivity device in case you are far from home. It integrates with your apps and home automated systems.

Smart Beam

smart beam cube

Smart Beam is a cube is a tiny small projector that works with mobile devices. It automatically traces videos on your phone and displays it. It weighs 129 gms that has incredible brightness and color quality. You can use it to view games, video chatting, videos, and enjoy the browsing experience in a cool way.

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Takee Smartphone

Takee is the first holographic smartphone with a great eye tracking system. The user experience is phenomenal. Gone are the days of having dizziness from watching content from various angles on phones With this device, the games get more fun with  holograms, communication is far beyond 2D viewing, life like product displays when shopping online and advancements like 3D scanning and 3D printing capabilities.


Cicret Bracelet

Cicret is a wearable gadget / bracelet which has the capability of a tablet with a display on your screen without the use of a smartphone. The bracelet has a projector that displays the phone’s interface on your arm. You can use it virtually anywhere, even when showering or swimming.



Washing machines can cause some of your clothes to get spoilt, it is cumbersome to wash your clothes when you are in a hurry or on the go, and that is why Dolfi was created. Dolfi is the next gen washing machine. This device is able to clean your clothes with the use of ultrasound technology. It is the size of a smartphone and fits in any bag. No rubbing or stretching, just place your clothes in water, detergent and dip Dolfi on your clothes.

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