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Customizing the Android is easy because it comes with it comes default features that be swapped and with other third party ones. You do not need rooting to do that. However some ting may be impossible on an iOS that is jailbroken. This means that some apps cannot be customized. So which ones can you change?

The Keyboard

The keyboard of an Android can be easily customized. It is possible install another keyboard change the settings of your device to suit your language and other inputs.

Android Keyboard Customize Android

The Home Screen

The home screen is another app that you can customize. You get something that has a unique look and comes with new options. A third part home screen is available in Google Play. You find numerous configuration options to get a latest trendy look for you Android. Old versions like Froyo and Gingerbread can be replaced with something like Holo Launcher to get new look that is still similar to what you are used to. To choose the default laucher, touch button called Home on your Android device. You do this after installing the new launcher.

Android Customize - Home Screen

The Lock Screen

Changing the screen lock means getting a new theme and other additional functionalities a good example is the Widget Locker that enables you increase widgets to the locj screen and use them to create an ideal lock screen. Customized locks are not common like custom launchers and most of them are not free.

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Android Lock Screen

With android, you can customize your browser and set them as default. This means that you use them instead of those in-built browsers in your device. Once you tap on any link after setting up a browser, you a get a prompt to choose your device’s default browser.

Android - Choose Browser

Change Email Clients

Android allows you to set up a number of email clients and even save them as default emails. You simply tap on the one you want to access and it works very well especially for Gmail users. If you have a Yahoo or Microsoft email account, you have to get the Yahoo and Hot mail apps. You can make them your default mail application.

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Android - Change Email CLients

Custom ROM

Android allows the community to create source code and modified versions that come with new features. They are also called custom ROMs. The most common is known as CynagenMod and can be used in different Android OS devices.

A customized Android device can be fun to use. Use any of the above ideas to spice up you Android.

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