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Just like any other electronic device, your Android OS performance will reduce after some time. This may be caused by a number of things. You may not be able to prevent them completely by, there a few things you can do to improve Android’s performance. Here is what you can do to increase its performance in case you notice that it’s diminishing.

Understand Your Android Device

It’s important that you know what your device can and cannot do efficiently so that you avoid overloading it with apps that will only end up diminishing its performance. Download the number of apps that your device can comfortably run.

Update Your Device

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Updating your Android to the latest firmware enhances its performance. Google constantly bring several user-friendly features as well as great improvements of the Android OS, which include updates meant to enhance stability and connectivity. In general, the updates ensure higher performance speed.

Get Rid of Unwanted Apps

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Your Android device might perform poorly if you overload it with excess apps because they eat on storage space as well as run some background process. The performance of your device lowers with the amount of storage space occupied. Again, performance will slow down at the same rate the background processes are running. So, unless you need or use an app, don’t install and in case there is an app that you installed but you no longer need it, uninstall it immediately.

Use High-Speed Memory Card

Just like RAM, the memory card also offers a storage space for your device. If your RAM is failing because of lack of enough space, the memory card will give your device’s performance a boost by increasing its speed. You can use between 2GB to 32GB so that you support high speed-read. It’s advisable that you use Class 6 or Class 10 memory cards for Android Smartphone.

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Get Rid of Unwanted Widgets

Unlike apps, widgets do not only run when you activate them but they’re ever running in the background and you don’t have to activate them because they’re already active at all times. If you have to use them for some reasons like keeping track of the weather or your important dates, try to keep as fewer of them as possible.

The above tips not only help to enhance the performance of your Android device but they also help to prolong your battery life. They are simple and will not cost you anything.

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