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More and more businesses and non business entities create websites and blogs every day. While many of the website owners don’t really know or mind what happens beyond the good script of the site, there are those who want to be in control of their business in every aspect; that is including the operating of the website. If you are looking for better control of your site including the design, picking of a domain name, its database or its overall branding, then you will need to consider installing on your server a social networking software.

Here is a list of the best open-source social networking software that will go a long way in boosting your website social network appearance.


Open Source Social Networking - Mahara

In this software, you get a chance to create an e-portfolio where you can enhance learning of skills and for your audiences. It is unique in that it’s meant to be used in almost every other possible field. You will have a chance to maintain and manage a list of friends. It’s based on LAMP.

Lovd by Less

This is software was developed by Ruby and Rails. It is unique open-source social networking software and its features include site search for friends, blogs and user to user messaging among others. It’s quite easy to use this software and many people find all they need to use in them.


For anyone who wishes to have a collaborative social space on the web, then the AroundMe is the software to go for. It’s unlike the other sites in that it allows you to leave room for site users to setup their own social networking site.


This software allows you to build your own sites based on your own specific needs using the extensible CMS. You can start off with a simple blog and then growing it to include social networking and then to some well advanced modules. Xoops as well as Yogurt work well in an LAMP environment and are based on pnp.


Open Source Social Networking - Elgg

This software has been acclaimed as unique and extensive in its capability of giving website and blog owners the freedom to manage their social network forums easily. It runs on LAMP and is pretty easy to install and configure.

These are some of the best software for open source networking. Choose one and you be in a position to enjoy the numerous befits that each comes with.


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