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Excel is one of the most powerful software to date when it comes to document processing. The many functionalities, attributes and functions present in excel make it rich and give a range of usage irrespective of which industry you are working in.

To simplify navigation on Excel, there are keyboard shortcuts that are used for various functions. There are so many shortcuts, but we are going to look at the most important ones that can help you no matter what you are doingin excel.

The 5 MUST know shortcuts are going to be discussed below.

1. Alt + Letter

One example we are going to look at is, inserting a circle, for instance, when doing a flow diagram.

When you press Alt, on the screen, you will see a number of letters and numbers coming up. If it’s inserting a circle, with your Alt key pressed in, press letter I then select SH where there are shapes, and then click on circle. You can insert literally anything.

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2. Ctrl + Page Down Key

This shortcut is used to move one sheet to the right.

Ctrl + Control Page Up key

This shortcut is used to move one sheet to the left.

When you have more than 5 sheets open, you can navigate quickly from one end to the other quickly without touching the mouse.

The next shortcut comes in handy when you are on a different sheet and you want to find where a particular number is coming from in a particular formula. This is the go to guide when it comes to auditing.

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3. The Application Ley

This is the key that is normally on the right side of the alt gr. It is used to format cells by changing the font color, size and the other properties of a cell.

4. F11 on Chart data

When having a data series and you would like to create a graph, press F 11 and a chart comes up with the data.

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5. CTRL+1

It is not easy to change the format of text in Excel like in a word document, but, you can use CTRL+1 to get the Formatting dialogue and it becomes easy from there.

These are the Must know shortcuts to help you navigate and do crucial excel functions while you are doing your work. They make your work easier and also saves you time. Try them and you will love their efficiency.

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