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Most PC users long to use a MAC computer but there is a fear that hold them back. Some are worried about the MAC’s price while others feel they will lose a lot if they stop using their PC. Some people believe they have to recreate files in a different new format.  However, that worry should not bother you. The technology world has advanced amazingly and you have no reason to fear switching to MAC.   See some good and real reasons that may make you switch some time soon.

The Mac Has a Better Operating System

The OS X from Apple changed the tech world. Before it was created operating systems were not usable with any system and they not made to. It was incompatible with Linux and other systems but the OS X brought the machine for professionals and not just for hobbyists.

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There is The Mini Mac

The mini MAC has brought new revolution in desk space. This device works well with anything that it is plugged into. It has worked properly and it’s reliable. Most people have realized that it’s safer than most computers and therefore opt to use mini MAC.  Viruses are made for PC computers and not for Apple. You can be sure that you data are safe.

Apples Products Work Without Drives

Mac Drivers

It may sound unbelievable, but this is true. Most people have hard time using Windows and reinstalling software and drivers. Wrong drives cause problems and it’s not easy to make it work properly. When using MAC, you do not need drives. This Apple computer comes with inbuilt software and you will not problems with updates.

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The Costs

The MAC computer costs more, but it comes with value. This computer does not lose it value even after few years. The main reason behind this is that it’s made of high quality materials. It has an aluminum case instead of a plastic one. They contain high standard circuitry that can last for years. They are light in weight and you do not feel like you are carrying a bulky suitcase.

An Amazing Sleeping Mode

Mac Sleeping Mode

Who does like a computer that goes to a sleep mode, but wakes up almost immediately when you want to use it? MAC is easy to put in sleep mode and its takes a second to get it from hibernation. A PC using Microsoft takes ages to start functioning after a sleep mode. The hibernation feature is boring in a computer that uses Microsoft because you cannot get back to work instantly.

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