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GmailMany people have been victims of scammers that are found online especially those targeting emails. Even though Google has invested a lot at ensuring that email account holders are well protected, there is need for you as an email account holder to take some steps to protect yourself. There are always people who want to access other people’s email accounts for one reason or the other. There are Google offers which are designed to enhance your security and there is also the fact that you need to learn some security tricks which will enable you spot phishing emails on time. Use the following ways to protect Gmail account:

Verify Your Account

This is quite simple and all you have to do is use the six digit code that Google sends whenever you happen to be using a secondary device. This code is unique because a hacker can obtain the code but not access to your primary device. You will be prompted to enter the code on to your secondary device so as to be allowed to continue accessing your Gmail account.

Do Not Open the Spam Folder

Gmail Spam Folder

Google truly works hard to protect you from hackers and phishing emails which are only out to exploit or steal from you. Give Gmail a chance to keep your email safety high by not opening the emails in the spam folder. However, you can check once in a while for important emails marked as spam by mistake and only open emails that you are sure they are safe.

Keep Your Password to Yourself

It’s almost impossible to find a genuine business or person asking you for your password. Never at any time should you be persuaded to share your email password. Even for Google, you can only do so via a trusted Google .com link.

Update Your Primary Information

If a time comes that you need to recover some email information, it is important that you have with you current updated phone number or other email where Google will send the necessary security information. Even a hacker has your password and doesn’t have the six code sent to your phone, and then such password will be useless to them.

Go Incognito

If you are in a public place such as a cyber café or a hotel, use the incognito browser. The incognito browser prevents the computer from gathering cookies, storing history and other data.

Use the tips above and you will enjoy using your Gmail safely.

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