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The Gmail account looks easy and you might think that you know it very well. However, you may be missing most of the best services offered by Gmail. Some of its features can go unnoticed. Here are some tips to enable to enjoy as much as possible from Gmail account.

You Can Unsubscribe to Bulk Mails

The Gmail has a good filter but it’s not possible to prevent spam messages from getting into inbox. To get rid of this problem, write unsubscribe in the search box in Gmail and it will bring you numerous daily offers that you subscribed and no longer need them. Simply click on the unsubscribe button and you will stop receiving those emails. It’s easy; Gmail puts together all promotional emails.

Supercharge the Stars

Gmail Stars

In Gmail, yellow stars are used to show most important messages. However, if you have very many starred emails, it becomes a problem and causes disorganization in your inbox. Try to the stars palette and other symbols to show most important messages wisely. Most people do not even know that there are other stars apart from the yellow ones. Choose colors to mark messages depending on their urgency.  Simply go settings, choose general and move to stars. Drag a star or symbol from the list of “Not in use” list to the list known as “In use”. To add a specific star, click the star that is next to the message, you should do it several times till the color you want appears.

Monitor Your Account

Gmail Activity

Gmail may not send you a message when security is breached, but it’s well known that emails are hacked every day.  It is possible to keep tabs on each activity in your account.  You can see logging details at the bottom of your account. Just Click on the “Details” link and you will see information of the last ten times the Gmail account was logged in.  You can even sign out all sessions if you think your account is online in another device.

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Take Care of Any Gmail Account That Is Inactive

This is not something that most people think about, but sometimes you have to stop using some Gmail accounts for one reason or the other.  There is the Inactive account manager from Google to assist you.  You have to do four things:

  • Designate a certain amount of time between your starting and last login. This will enable Gmail to know when your account becomes inactive.
  • Give your phone number or another email address to enable Google alert you before your time out phase is over.
  • Let your contacts know when your account becomes inactive.
  • Delete the account if you no longer want it.  You will follow a few steps and in the end the account and all its data will be gone.

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