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You may have been a Mac user for some time now but I bet there are many features, which you haven’t discovered and I believe they will surprise you. Lately, I realized that Mac OS X has many features that are never obvious for an average user and it took me almost a year to discover them. Below are the hidden features, which are standard Mac functionality.  You therefore you don’t need any additional software but for some of them, you might need a copy of Mac OS X 10.9. Check them out!

1. Use a Pen, Paper and Webcam to Sign Digital Documents

Did you know that you could sign PDFs even without a digital signature? There is a very handy feature, which allows you to sign in a piece of paper – it should be white – and then hold the paper with the signature next to your webcam. In that way, your signature turns into a digital one.

Mac OS X - Signature2. Convert Words to Text

Instead of typing the text, you can just dictate the words for Mac OS X. After pressing the function key twice, you can start dictating as you press the function key one more time. In that way, your words will be converted to text. It makes writing a text fast and easy especially whe  you hands are engaged in something else.

3. You Can Create More Screen Space

In case you need more screen space and your Mac has a Retina display, all you need to do is to scale the screen in order to create you more space to use. This is one feature that you cannot find in most devices and it’s simply amazing.

4. Push Running Apps Out of the Screen

With Mac OS X, you can close or hide those running apps within no time. To do that, hold ⌘+tab and don’t stop holding ⌘ and continually tab all the apps until you reach the one that you want to hide or close. Immediately you reach the app, simply press Q to close it or press H to hide it.

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Mac OS - Running Apps

For lack of a better word, I can say Mac OS X is awesome because apart from the above listed features, there are a lot more and the list is too long that I won’t be able to mention all of them. You can try it and enjoy the device first hand.

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