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If you are working with many tabs in your Firefox, there are many ways to easy manage all tabs.

Firefox has some very good features to mange tabs and help you to manage them, so lets count in what ways you can manage multiple tabs in Firefox.

Note if something is wrong you can always go to Defaults with One Click: How to Reset Firefox to Default Settings in One Click

1. Open Multiple Tabs in Firefox Startup Homepage

The first thing, is to set your current tab as your homepage. You will have to write in address bar: Home Page: setting under Firefox Preferences/Options > General. Then  you have to do is click on the Use Current Pages button beneath it. When you do, you’ll see the links of currently opened tabs appear in the Home Page: field, which means that its ready.

2. Restore Tabs from Previous Session

Another great option, is to restore all your tabs opened last time in the new session.

Firefox Restore Session

From Firefox, in the General section, click on the dropdown next to When Firefox starts: and select Show my windows and tabs from last time. This will open your last tabs when you are starting Firefox again.

3. Move Tabs Around

You can also move tabs around and arrange them as you wish or make them to open in a separate window. Just with your mouse cursor drag the tab you want. You can change its order next to other tabs or make it to pop out in a separate window.

4. Reopen Closed Tabs

If you accidentally closed some tabs, you can quick reopen them with the keyboard shortcut:: Ctrl + Shift + T     or    Cmd + Shift + T on a Mac. You can do it also from: right-click on any tab in the window and select Undo Close Tab.

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5. Save Memory with OneTab

I think that you know that having too many tabs open, eats a lot of memory from your computer. Now you can save a lot of memory with OneTab. It will save your tabs, and then you can restore each tabs, which will be appear in a dedicated window.

6. View Tabs in a Tree Structure

One easy way to deal with many tabs is to arrange them in tree style. For this you can use addons like: Tree Style Tab.

Once you install Tree Style Tab, your tabs will appear on your sidebar. You can change their skin and arrange them as you wish. In this way there will fit much more tabs than in the classic way.

How do you manage your tabs? and How many tabs you can open on your computer?

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