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On average, each of us will upgrade his smartphone at every two years. Many of us still own old phones, even phones with Android 4.0 are considered very old and working very slow.So, the question is: What to do with the old Android device?

I thing it will be hard for you to throw it in the bin, especially after it served you loyally for so many years. You didn’t even imagine that you can use your old Android for so many awesome things. We will tell you some interesting things than you can do with it. The first thing that we will start with would be the following:

1. GPS for Your Car

Most GPS devices are more less power than your old Android smartphone. So you can easy with no problems use it as a GPS device. Load up your smartphone with all necessary apps: like Maverick, City Mapper, Wave and any others you find popular on Google Play Store.old android gps car

By a phone stand that stick to your car’s windshield and connect the phone to the usb cable in your car. That is perfect!

2. Alarm Clock

old android alarmclock

Why to buy an expensive alarm clock which has only 10 types of beeping sounds? You can easy use your old Android. Download from the Google Play Store a fancy clock alarm. Add your favorite music as ringtones and listen to it every morning.

3. Emergency Phone

You can use your phone in cases of emergency. Just add a battery extender, and use a prepaid card. Store it in the Aid bag of your car for example, you never know when you will loose your phone or anything else happens. Let it be there for such cases.

4. Digital Photo Frame

old android dayframe

You can easy turn your smartphone into a digital photo frame. Just download an app like Dayframe. Load up your phone with the best family photos and let it roll and roll.

5. Gym Deviceold android gym device

You can use your phone as your daily gym device. Why to have a run in the morning with your new smartphone? You can loose it or it can even slip from your hands and you will regret it. Fill your old Android with the best music you like, also you can add an SD card for sure to have.

6. Virtual Reality Headset

old android google cardboard

Google Cardboard is one of Google’s coolest projects, it is a kit from cardboard. It costs $20 (£13) kit , or you can build your own DIY virtual reality headset.

There are some pretty cool apps that you can play with Virtual Reality. Also you can find a number of more expensive Android-compatible VR kits.

Only thing your phone should not miss is to have a gyrometer.

7. Media Center

You can use your old Android device for your Media Center. What you have to do is to buy yourself a Chromecast streaming device. Then reformat your old phone and install all apps like: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora. Now you have got a dedicated TV topbox with remote to living room.

8. Wi-Fi Extender

If your Wi-Fi is weak, you can boost the signal through you old android. You will have to use an app like fqrouter2. The app will pick up the signal and repeat it. Your device will require rooting. For rooting your device check this page.

9. Robot’s Brain

old android robot

I think you know that your Android device is a computer, and you can easy make him to control a robot. You just need some work to make a functional robot. You will need to take the Cubestormer 3 for example. It can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 3.253 seconds and is built out of Lego. Also you can take the Smartbot, which is programmable and can navigate, hear and “see.” Not a problem to build your own robot, by spending around $30-worth of kit.

10. Kid’s Toy

Everyone loves touchscreens. Kids love the more. You can give your old device to your kifs as a to, just make sure that you have a Restricted Profile to limit their access. Then install all kind of logical apps and games, you will not have to worry about your kids.

11. Contribute to Scientific Research

The last way to use your old Android is the most serious and important in a way for the nation. If your device is working fine you can contribute to modern scientific research by its processing power. You can find Folding@Home app which uses this type of devices processing power to and tries to find cures for cancer, Ebola, Alzheimer’s and more.

Another option would be BOINC app which is released by the Space Sciences Library at Berkeley. It will let you to choose from different projects, like: space research and global warming modelling.

Well, interesting things you can do with your old Android, even I was entertained and will get my old Android to try several things on it.

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