Fewer and fewer of us get a book in the bag when go out, although they like to read. Most of us choose to read from a tablet, because it’s more comfortable and you can keep there hundred of books. However, many e-books are just as expensive as their paper counterparts. Don’t despair — there are lots of e-books online that you can download for free! So where to get those books if you don’t want to pay for them?

1. Questia
They offer you the possibility to download both traditional books and rare editions which you can’t find anywhere. With an impressive collection with over 83,000 books and 10 million articles, you really have a choice.

2. Free eBooks
This website is a real huge free source of eBooks, available for download. You’ll even get to search comprehensively through various categories, too.

3. Project Gutenberg
A community project dedicated to provide people free eBooks. It specializes in books whose copyrights have expired. So, if you’re looking for any older book this is the first destination. Some of the books are also available in multiple languages.

4. eBooks
They own one of the most impressive library. Find a book up to your liking from any genre: educational, technology, history, romance, fiction, business and more others. Or maybe you want to buy a book at a small price.

5. Page by Page Books
On this website you can find all you want, even speeches of famous presidents..

6. Baen
A free online library with a wealth of eBooks available. You’re able to search by author, title or year of publication, which is perfect if you search something specific.

7. Pixel of Ink
This site basically tracks the list of free Kindle books that Amazon offers and posts when new ones are added. Also they track paid books that have gotten cheaper.

8. Get Free eBooks
As you’d expected this is the perfect resource of free eBooks and you’ll find a huge variety on here. They also are really active on social networks, meaning you can stay updated with their latest releases and titles.

9. Classic Book Library
Here you can find  historical books, romance, sci-fi, mystery or even literature for Childrens.  It’s a free resource providing information on classic books across multiple genres.

10. Read Print
“Where books and people meet!” – as the motto says. Here you can find thousands of free online books, get recommendations or even track what you’ve read and what you’d like to read.

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