pacman android games

Every year, Android launches many free games that you play using your device. It is not easy to track and enjoy playing all. However, there are some of the best that you should not miss. They include the following.

WWE Immortals

Androi Game - Immorals

This game is made by NetherReal Studios and it’s an amazing sport game that has taken the entertainment world by storm.  It has characters that include famous wrestlers such as the Undertaker, John Cena and the Rock. Their signature and personal is not changed but they are mythical characters that make the game engaging and interesting. It is unbelievable that this game is free, but it’s true. You can play in your Android device.

Stick Cricket 2

This online game is for anyone, whether you love cricket or not, you will find it interesting. You select how you want to hit the ball using the bat. You go through a number of challenges to earn skills and upgrade your sport gear.  You can also enter tournaments and play with the world’s most famous teams.


This game is not an interpretation of the traditional brick breaker game. It is one of the best games and missing the ball does not mean that the game ends.  It gets deactivated and bounces and you hit it with breaker to break the bricks.  The game moves from level to another and you enjoy formation of giant bricks that you have to break into small pieces.


This game is simple and you simply have to tap and control how the ball travels. You just have to stay on this platform and make sure that the ball it does not fall off.  The more you keep the ball in place, the more you earn diamonds. It is one of the latest simple and very addictive games.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

This game has been available for tablet users and only became available in Android phone recently. It’s a card game and each comes with some magic powers. You attack opponent’s cards and even his hero so that you can win. Learn a few tricks of playing the game before you start.

Angry Birds 2

The Angry Birds is one of the most famous online games.  The developer of the game came up with the Angry Birds 2. It’s a puzzle game suitable for anyone who loves casual gaming. Every time you restart the game, you get a new puzzle and there is no way you can outsmart it.  Difficulty is the thing and quite frustrating, just don’t give up.

Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man Android Games

In this game you play as yellow creature that tries to gobble out cherries and dots by running faster than the ghosts. It does not have levels, just run as fast as you can and overcome the glitch that eats the maze.

Asphalt Nitro

This is a racing game where you even drive as cop to catch bad guys. It’s an engrossing game that will leave you smiling.


This game is creepy and looks so real on your Android device. The unique thing is that you do not have to shoot. You simply point at the zombies using your crosshair. It feels odd, but as you continue playing you get used to the game and actually love. It’s an interesting game without any form of the firearms we know.


This game is about jumping and jumping. It ends when you stop jumping to swipe or add color to your game.

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