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Today programmers are very high paid. There are a lot of programming languages where you can choose from. According to Business Insider, the average salary for computer programmers can approach to $100,000.

Top 10 Highest Paid Programming Languages

net framework10. Visual Basic .NET

Salary $85,962

Visual Basic .Net is used mainly for commercial purposes. The language is implemented on the .NET framework developed by the Microsoft.

C#9. C# (C Sharp)

Salary $89,074

C# is a language that is an evolution from C and C++ programming languages. C# also runs on the Microsoft .NET Framework.  C# is one of the most popular.

R8. R

Salary $90,055

R language is used mostly for statistics. Statisticians use it for developing data analysis and statistical software. This language requires a lot of math, if you like math this can be right for you.

C7. C

Salary $90,134

C programming language is one of the oldest and most popular from all the language. Many new programming languages are based on C, like Phyton, Java and JavaScript.

JavaScript6. JavaScript

Salary $91.461

JavaScript knows as dynamic computer programming language is also very popular as its brother Java. JavaScript code work in a browser only, where Java creates applications that run in a virtual machine or browser.


5. C++

Salary $93.502

C++ programming language has been around since the early 80’s. C++ is embedded in many systems. Many programs are being developed with C++.

Java4. Java

Salary $94.908

Java programming language it is also through the most popular, and this is because its a favorite programming language for client-server web applications.

phyton3. Phyton

Salary $100,717

Phyton is one of the most paid and most required programming language. Many companies use this programming language. It is loved by programmers as it allows them to express concepts in fewer lines of code.

objective c2. Objective C

Salary $108,225

Objective C was initially used by the first iOS developers, it is not a surprise why is through the most popular and most paid. Today Apple has changed it a little to fit its needs.


ruby1. Ruby

Salary $109,460

Ruby is not through the most popular, like Java or C languages. But Ruby is a language that is among top choices for tech startups in the United States. Ruby is fully-open-source and has a very big community. Programmers say that soon it will become through the most popular.

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