You need much more than Facebook give to you. To go around and to get much more from Facebook Social Network, you will just to read the current article.

We are going to show you some interesting trick that will help yo to go around and get much more from juice Facebook.

1. Multiple Accounts Login in Facebook

When using Chrome, there is a built in profile feature that allows you to create a new user profile on the browser.

Google - Add New account

  • Click on Profile icon on top right of Chrome browser and click Add new user.
  • Choose profile picture and complete all the data of new user.
  • Click Create.
  • Log into Facebook account as the user profile indicates and switch between users at top right corner

Now you can easy switch from one profile to another one and use multiple accounts for Facebook login.

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2. Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar

  • Log into Facebook and click Events.
  • Go to Calendar and click Settings on top right and choose Export.
  • Export your friends birthdays” will appear and “Upcoming events” in a hyperlink. Choose any and copy the link.
  • Go to Google Calendar page, look at other calendars on left side and click on down arrow then Add URL.
  • Paste the link in the URL box and click Add Calendar.

Now All your Facebook Events will be synced with Google calendar.

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3. Accepting All Friend Requests

When you have many requests to accept, you can accept all the requests using a code

  • At your friends request page, load all requests
  • Copy this code
Javascript:for(i=1;i<document.getElementsByName (“actions[accept]”).length;++){document.getElementsByName(‘actions[accept)”[i].click();} void(0);

Paste it in the address bar of friend requests page.

  • Manually add javascript: at the front of code once the code is pasted in the address bar since some browsers will automatically remove it.
  • Press Enter.

4. Create Special “via” Status with Logo

Did you know that hen updating the status via phone, instead of including via “your phone device” at the bottom of the status update, change it to anything you want.

5. Stop Facebook from Tracking You

Facebook tracks your account and that is why you see the Ads that are related to your country and what you search for frequently.

Luckily, there is a way to get your privacy with a chrome plugin called Facebook Disconnect. This plugin uses javascript to disable Facebook component link traffic from being accessed by third party sites.

Get Facebook Disconnect for Chrome Browser

Get Facebook Disconnect for Mozilla Browser

6. Photo Zoom with Facebook

Photo Zoom is a plugin that enables you to view any photo updates on Facebook in large sizes on your timeline by just moving your mouse over the photo. Once the plugin is installed, it works well.

Get Photo Zoom for Chrome Browser

Get Photo Zoom for Mozilla Browser

7. Hide Your Last Name on Facebook

Its mandatory for Facebook to list both of your names, but you can have one name as an option.

– Login to Facebook

– Grab Indonesian proxy from a list and change your proxy on the browser.

– On Chrome Browser for example, Settings > Show advanced settings > under Network > Change proxy > Lan settings and tick “Use Proxy Server for your LAN”.

– Fill address box with proxy and port e.g. if your proxy is 198.320.110.59:8080, “198.320.110.59” goes to address box and “8080” is the port.

– Tick Bypass Proxy Server For Local Addresses. Press OK

– Go to Facebook account settings page change languages to “Bahasa Indonesia” and save.

– Remove your last name and save.

– Revert to your original language.

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8. Disable Facebook Notification Sounds

To disable Facebook notifications sounds, you will have to follow these two steps:

  • On Facebook settings > Notifications tab.
  • Untick “Play a sound when each new notification is received”. Save changes.

9. Download entire Facebook History

To download entire Facebook history, yo will have to:

  • Go to Facebook Account Settings page > General tab.
  • There is a link “Download a copy of your Facebook data

Now all your Facebook history will be downloaded to your computer.

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10. Download Facebook Videos

You can easy download Facebook Videos by using the following website:


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